Albert Mohler on Trig Palin and the Value of Life

Back in May of this year, Sarah Palin was the subject of a blog post by Dr Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mohler mentions then that she is often mentioned as a potential running mate for John McCain, so perhaps he was less surprised than I was when this came to pass.

However, this is not the subject or focus of his post. Rather it is about the Palin’s youngest child, Trig. It is worth a few moments of your time.

7 Responses to “Albert Mohler on Trig Palin and the Value of Life”

  1. iPandora » With One Stroke Says:

    […] Palin has actually run something, stood up to corruption in her own party, and is in touch with ordinary Americans in ways that nobody else running this November are: she hunts and fishes, has children, including one with Down’s Syndrome (Hat Tip: Sol). […]

  2. John of Indiana Says:

    OK, so allow me a snarky moment here:
    Who’s taking care of Trig while his “family Values” mommy is out with Ol’ Grumpy telling Hillary supporters that they should vote for McCain because his VP candidate has female plumbing?
    Yes, I realize dad’s minding the nursery, but do you think if Palin was a Democrat the Howling Mobs of the Right would give her a pass?

  3. sol Says:

    I think you over-demonise the Howling Mobs just bit. If anything they would be quieted by a woman who chose to raise a child with Downs, against the wishes of the Democratic Party, and the Howling Mobs of the Left, Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

    But you are right, it is “family values”, so the whole family contributes, especially in the short campaign season. Once she is in residence at Number One Observatory Circle, she will probably have even more time with Trig than she’s had in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion. I would anticipate that as Vice President, Palin will serve in the more traditional capacity of making PR appearances.

  4. Therese Says:

    Are you joking? Have you ever had a baby with special needs? There is no way that she can properly mother that child. I believe parenting involves a whole lot more than just birthing the babies and passing them off to the daycare, nanny, or oldest child. Michelle Obama put aside her own personal ambitions to stay home and raise the children — that’s a real mother.

  5. sol Says:

    I think the Palins are best placed to know what meets the needs of their children, including Trig. I’m sure that they believe parenting involved a whole lot more that just birthing babies. May the vice presidency is exactly what would suit her needs, since it have very few responsibilities – fewer than being governor of Alaska.

    Something tells me this wasn’t the deciding issue which pushed your support over to Obama. I’m just glad Michelle Obama is finally proud of America.

  6. jan Says:

    My water broke with my 3rd pregnancy at the age of 37. I did not start labor, but I called the hospital to ask if I should come in or if I could stay at home until labor started. They told me, unequivocally, to come in IMMEDIATELY. I went to the hospital, was examined and found to be 5 cm dilated. I was ordered to stay in bed to prevent prolapse of the umbilical cord (and the death of my unborn child) until I was induced the following morning. Even though less than 12 hours had passed since my water had broken, my doctors insisted on induction and gave my child antibiotics as soon as he was born to prevent complications from infection. How is it that Sarah Palin waits several hours after her water has broken to give a speech, then flies 8 or more hours to Anchorage, then drives 45 minutes to Palmer to be induced several hours later? Was she hoping that cord prolapse would occur? Or was she hoping to go into labor on the airplane? Why was a 43-year-old woman giving birth to a high risk infant delivered by a family practitioner and not an OB-GYN? It seems as though Sarah was giving God every opportunity to take the burden of Trig away from her. Three days after the birth of this obviously unwanted child, Palin is back at work. Where is Trig now that she is constantly on the campaign trail with McCain? Who is taking care of him? The snowmobile king? This is such typical Republican doublespeak – Trig is a “gift from God”, that Palin tried hard not to accept before his birth, and has not accepted after his birth. The only person in her family I have seen looking at Trig with love is Bristol. I wonder why?

  7. sol Says:

    So are you trying to say that Sarah trying to kill Trig? After all, your medical condition must have been identical to Sarah’s. I suppose you missed the leaps and bounds in your logic to arrive at your conclusions.

    It appears that somehow in your mind Todd Palin’s success in snowmobile racing means that he’s not a good father. I’m guessing you must be sexist and believe that a father can’t care for an infant as well as a mother. That being said, I don’t know whether Todd or Trig or both are on the campaign trail with Sarah. If they are, what’s to keep her from taking care of Trig between stump speeches?

    And by saying that Bristol is the only one you;ve seen looking at Trig with love, you must have missed when Piper was holding him and slicked down his hair by licking her palm.

    I’m guessing you weren’t on the verge of voting for McCain-Palin until your formulated your conclusions about her pregnancy, childbirth, and how much she loves her child. Could have been the use of the term “typical Republican doublespeak” that gave it away.

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