I just gotta share this one.

I was out surfing WordPress for the reaction to the Sarah Palin presumptive nomination. I couldn’t resist leaving a few intelligent comments on liberal blogs. In response, I learned a new word. It was the first time I’ve ever been called a “God-tard“. That has got to be the epitome of a juvenile insult. I don’t think this guy is going to make the debate team when he gets to high school.

I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with pubescent brains until school starts next week. I was enjoying the break.

Facebook and MySpace block under-13s. It’s a shame WordPress doesn’t do the same.

5 Responses to “God-tard”

  1. dcbarton Says:

    “God-tard” is pretty tame from the left. I wouldn’t bet money on him being a teen, even adult liberals rely on name calling, it is a substitute for not being abkle to justify their positions with logical arguements

  2. sol Says:

    No, I’m pretty sure he’s not biologically a teen. I was only referring his ability to communicate.

    I’ve seen worse than God-tard, especially from Obama supporters commenting on the blogs of Hillary supporters. Most of the time they use language to which I would never even provide a link.

  3. Michael Says:

    It’s just one more example of a sadly widespread phenomenon; many who see themselves in the right think that their alleged rightness is a license to be a jerk.

  4. sol Says:

    It gets even better. Potty-mouth boy decided I deserved to be the subject of a whole separate tirade. He justifies it by saying, I only posted this because the commenter stomp stomp stomped back to his bloggy blog and posted a little whine about my comments. I always find that so funny, so silly, so childish. I’m over here writing about politics and current events and social justice, and Captain Biblepants is running back to his blog to bitch. He’s mad because I called him a “God-tard.”

    Whining and bitching and mad? More like laughing my ass off.

    In the real world, conservative wingnuts are raised to fear potty language and, well, liberals, so they don’t see the arguments we’re making (or the “arguements,” as the commenter’s commenter says), and instead just zero in on the poo-poo words they don’t like. Whatever.

    That’s because when you take away the poo-poo words, there’s no argument left. They talk like it because they are full of it.

  5. John of Indiana Says:

    Well, what can I say?
    The “Right” doesn’t have an exclusive on misfits who sit in their mom’s basements and blog, and there’s just as many closed minds on the “left”…

    Maybe I can’t get my head around the idea of people I consider to be really intelligent using a 6,000 year-old book of dubious authorship as “Life’s Instruction Manual”, but I don’t call them “God-tards”.

    I read the bible from cover-to-cover, which is more than I can claim for any of Hitchen’s books. That reading is probably what lead most to my de-conversion, along with a rejection of the concept of “faith” and the realization that indeed “Nothing fails like Prayer”.

    And since this fellow seems to have latched on to this thread, hey, GamerBoy, I’ve known Sol for more than a few years, he’s not ANY kind of “tard”.

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