The Republicans Now Have the Hottest Ticket

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wasn’t expecting Sarah Palin to get the nod for the VP spot on the GOP ticket. The Democrats may have had the first woman to run for Vice President, but the Republicans have the hottest woman to ever be a VP nominee. Yep, we just won the photogenic stakes.

I think this actually matters. Let’s face it, Joe Biden – as nice a guy as he is, and yes, I cried during his son’s introduction at the Demo Convention – does not bring anything to the ticket. None one is going to vote for Obama because of Biden’s got more experience in foreign policy. The VP is not the President’s chief foreign policy advisor. That’s why he hires a Secretary of State. Then he’s got a Deputy Secretary, Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, National Security Advisor, and a host of other hopefully really smart people.

No one is going to vote for Obama because he’s got an old guy on his ticket as well. No one is going to think, sure, Obama’s young, but there’s an older man who will go from being one of the most powerful men in the Senate to being the tie-breaking vote, in case there ends up being a 50-50 party split.

On the other hand, people will vote for McCain because he has a younger pretty woman on the ticket. She will attract Hillary supporters who wanted their woman on the Demo ticket. It’s the politics of gender. There are those for whom having a woman on the ticket is as important as it is for others to have a black man. And youth balances out McCain’s years in a way that age does not work for Obama. When people are looking for heroes they want Batman and Robin (or Batgirl, in this case), not Batman and Alfred. It doesn’t look good for the side-kick to appear more qualified that the principle.

But Sarah Palin doesn’t just bring women on board. The irony is that not only will she attract Hillary supporters, she will also attract some of the most virulent Hillary haters. She is rock solid conservative. She’s a member of the Assemblies of God. She is a poster-mother for the pro-life movement.  She is the answer to everything Republican voters questioned about John McCain’s conservatism.

And she is a lot better looking than Hillary. She doesn’t look strident. She doesn’t look aggressive. She’s feminine and unlike Hillary, she doesn’t have to work hard to look that way.

Oh, and she has held elective office for longer than Hillary. After all, Hillary claimed to be the candidate with experience. And she could claim this, having served in the Senate four years longer than Obama. Of course, Obama had those eight years in the Illinois Senate and Clinton had never held any other elected office. But I digress. . . Palin has held elective office since 1992 – five years before Obama – though she was out of office between 2002 and 2006. However, during 2003-04, she was Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Unique amongst all the names on the two major tickets, she is the only one to have held office in the executive branch of government.

As a brief aside, I should mention that despite the whim of a group of editors on Wikipedia, the First Lady is never “in office“. Despite her delusions of grandeur, or her ability to henpeck her husband, she is never a member of the executive branch of goverment.

Last night, I thought Tom Pawlenty was both the best and most likely choice. I’m glad I was wrong. Palin has all the advantages of Pawlenty and more. Put another way, she is Mike Huckabee without any of the baggage acquired during the primary season. Sarah Palin makes me want to come back to the States and start canvassing voters.

10 Responses to “The Republicans Now Have the Hottest Ticket”

  1. alexi Says:

    Sure, Sarah Palin is hot and that never hurts. And if you are pro-life, pro-war in Iraq, pro-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and other conservative values, she’s your gal! The Religious Right Wing should be very happy. I may not feel as excited about Biden as righ-wing Republicans feel about Palin, but I sure as hell don’t want her or McCain in office. Her appeal to the right is in direct inverse proportion to her disgust to the left. So, I may respect her for many things, but she stands on so many positions that are the antithesis of my beliefs, that I would be loath to see her elected. Even though I am already hearing how McCain’s choice is so transparent, he aint no dummy. We are in for a tough fight. And I believe Obama/Biden is the winning ticket. For me, for the nation, and for the world.

  2. sol Says:

    Thanks for your assessment, Alexi. I knew I liked her for all the right reasons. I’m guessing she isn’t going to swing your vote. (I didn’t think she would, but I always held out hope we could swing you over to our side of the aisle.) I’m glad you respect her for many things, though.

  3. dave Says:

    my parents are avid republicans, however, upon announcement of the recent preposterous decision by McCain, who by the way is doing anything to get in the White House, are now going to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket. So McCain may get some extra women votes, but he is going to lose many because of his decision. So he will still lose.

  4. EncompassedRunner Says:

    McCain’s selection of Palin not only caused me to move from a none-of-the-above vote to the GOP, but also to donate. I agree with much of what your post says, except that I disagree w/the notion that people don’t vote for a President because of a VP’s foreign policy credentials — in this election I sure am considering VP foreign policy viewpoint and skills (and to a much lesser extent, knowledge) as a top priority, and Biden can have his experience and accumulated info, but Palin’s got the biblical worldview on our present global crisis, particularly as regards the Middle East, and that starting point gives her more wisdom than the Obama, Biden and McCain combined. I would take her on Day One over any of the other three.

  5. John of Indiana Says:

    Well, I guess Obama could always ask Joe Biden to step aside and then offer the spot to Kim Kardashian. Wow. If we’re going to vote for a candidate team based on the “hotness” of the VP candidate, then let Obama pick somebody who’s body a lot of men would lick for breakfast.
    I guess we’re still sliding into the morass foretold by Mike Judge in his documentary “Idiocracy”.
    As for this rising meme that Palin will draw Hillary supporters to McCane, I’m sorry, but Hillary had a plank in her platform that said she was OK with Grumpy Old White Men telling her what to do with her uterus? I guess I missed that. Gee, how’d I miss that? OH, that’s right, I’m not too bright, because if I was, I’d be rolling over and buttering myself over Rove’s choice of this well-filled empty pantsuit.
    Yeah, I’d “do” her, but that’s not how I pick my politicians, that’s how I pick my wives, and since my failure rate for marriage is 0-2, 100% we can see how THAT works, can’t we?

    And that “Biblical Worldview” bit scares the crap out of me, too. So what happens after we help facilitate this “Armageddon” the churched are all goosey about, and nothing happens. Nothing that is, except for total anarchy in the part of the world where most of the world’s (not just our’s) oil comes from?

    And you heard it here first: When Biden turns her inside-out in their debate, he will be soundly criticized on FAUX news and by the Limbaugh/Savage/Hannity/O’Reilly army for “beating up on the poor, pretty girl”

    Honestly, I would have expected him to pick Jowelly Joe-Mentum to lock-in the Zionist vote, but Palin to attract the MILF-horny gamers living in their mom’s basements and women? I don’t get it. Like I said, then why not Kim Kardashian?

  6. sol Says:

    If Kardashian was a Democratic Governor, I suppose Obama could have picked her. I’m guessing her moral values are much more in line with the Democratic platform that with the Republicans.

    No one is disputing that Hillary is as pro-choice as Palin is pro-life. For many voters this will be a deciding issue. There are others for whom other aspects of the Hillary’s views will be paramount. I’m not suggesting that all Hillary supporters will suddenly come running. However, I have already seen evidence that some of her supporters are jumping ship. Some were already voting for McCain either because of the way they perceived Hillary was treated or because Obama was just too far left and overall McCain isn’t too far right for them. For some the deal was clinched by McCain adding a woman to the ticket.

    Clearly she isn’t going to swing your vote, either with her hotness or her NRA membership card. I didn’t realise the politics of abortion was so near to your heart.

    I can agree with you that if Biden out-debates her (yet to be seen) and does not do it in a cordial manner (though I’ve always thought he was a gentleman), all the commentators you love to hate will have a go at him. This would play right into Republican hands, because the news channel you love to hate is always more watched than anything broadcasting from the Left.

    McCain needs to solidify the GOP base much more than he needs the Jewish vote. At the end of the day, he should get the Zionist vote, because on matters of Israeli interests, they will find him the safest bet. As there is nothing I know of in Palin’s view of the Middle East that has anything to do with facilitating Armageddon, and as most Assemblies of God people that I know are very pro-Israel, I would think the Zionists would feel quite safe with this choice. But if Kim Kardashian does any interviews on Middle East policy, let us know.

    BTW, there is plenty of oil in Alaska to meet US needs, if anyone wants to tap into it. That would loosen the grip of sheikhs and emirs on the US and world economies.

  7. John of Indiana Says:

    I dunno, Sol, that NRA card makes her look pretty hot, I will confess, but not enough to swing me over to sign on for 4 more years of Bush’s Bee-Ess way of ruining things.. Seriously, I get a HUGE kick out the look on Conservative’s faces when they find out I believe “gun control” means using BOTH hands if you have to…
    I really wish there was no such thing as the “politics of abortion”, but since a small, very vocal portion of our populace equates educating young people about protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancies and unwanted diseases with giving the green light to screwing around, I guess we’ll have to put up with the Roe v. Wade litmus test. Frankly, the anti-choice crowd’s argument against sex ed makes as much sense to me as claiming if you teach kids to wear seat belts, they’re going to wreck their cars more than if you just scare them with the gory movies they showed us back in driver’s ed classes.

    Hmmm. Maybe I should have said Jennifer Granholm instead of Kim Kardashian. She’s a Governor, too.

  8. sol Says:

    I don’t know why Obama didn’t pick Granholm. Seems she would have been a good fit from what I can tell. I didn’t know anything about until now. She not an unattractive woman, though Palin still wins on hotness. Surely you gotta admit that.

    I think you are stretching things a bit far to suggest that McCain’s election would mean a third Bush administration. McCain is definitely his own man and he will have his own cabinet and his own policy priorities. I think McCain is the change you can trust, because at least he gives you a better I idea of what he wants to do. Obama is just promising change for the sake of change.

    From a personal standpoint, Obama favouring abortion is not going to affect you. However, Obama’s views on gun control just might.

    I think you are also wrong about the views of pro-life people concerning sex education. Every pro-life person I have ever known (admittedly with the exception of one family I knew 25 years ago) has been in favour of sex education. They don’t necessarily think that it is the role of schools to teach it and they may not think it should be taught in an amoral context, but they teach their kids about sex.

    In other words, you can teach kids that cars have seatbelts, but the important thing is that it is illegal to get behind the wheel before they get a license to drive.

  9. John of Indiana Says:

    OK, correct me if I’m wrong, but did i NOT hear Obama say something about making sure the deer hunter in Ohio gets to keep his guns while keeping the AK-47 out of the hands of the gang-banger in Indy?

    Yes, Palin is more of a MILF than Granholm, but Sol, That’s the criteria I use for picking wives, and as I’ve said, at 0 for 2, we see how well THAT works.

    “Keep it in your pants until you’re married” is NOT sex education. I’m sorry, but it’s not. Educational Malpractice, maybe.

    Somebody told me a few weeks ago that McCain is a true “maverick” because he actually ran AGAINST Bush in ’00. What he then failed to say was that Grumpy’s ’00 campaign folded up like a card table and and every time you say the 2 of them together they were hugging like Rhesus Monkeys. I don’t think I’m stretching things one bit. The Corporate interests who are bleeding the little people in this country dry in order to “die with the most toys” see McCain as the best hope to continue Business as Usual. Oh, and the promise of never-ending war in the mid-east doesn’t set well with me either. Standing on top of a tank, shaking cluster bombs in both hands is NOT what I think of when I think of the word “Diplomacy”. “Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran”. Ah, why do I even bother? Conservatives thought it was a real knee-slapper when Ronaldus Rex joked about declaring the USSR “illegal” (“we start bombing in 5 minutes”) during a mike-check, yes?

  10. sol Says:


    Gun control has never kept guns out of the hands of criminals. The only people affected by gun control laws are those willing to be controlled by them. The assault weapons ban did nothing to stop assault weapons being used illegally. In fact, it is not the weapon type of choice with inner city gangs. The very occasional person who wants to go postal is going to get what they want or simply improvise. Yet Obama derided Bush for not renewing the assault weapons ban.

    Obama thinks that if cities want to take away everyone’s guns they should be able to do so. Of course the only people who hand in their guns are those who need them for protection in the first place.

    I did not say that “keep it in your pants until you’re married” is in and of itself sex education. My point is only that once all biology and mechanics are explained, there needs to be a framework established concerning when the biology and mechanics are appropriately engaged. Sex education today is much more geared to how to do it when you want to do it and avoid the consequences for your behaviour. So it really isn’t sex education at all, it is consequence management.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with candidates running against each other in the primaries and then burying their differences for the sake of party unity in the general election. I don’t understand why you see this as particularly scandalous.

    I’ve never bought into the whole Marxist idea that the world is divided in the big corporate interests and the little guys, with politicians having to favour one or the other.

    McCain is not in favour of never-ending war. He is favour of accomplishing achievable goals. And what conservatives joke about doesn’t mean they intend to implement it as policy.

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