Where’s Al Franken When They Need Him?

I’m sure many of you have seen this from the Republican National Committee.

While someone on the Left with a lot of time and little imagination is doing the fake blog thing to make fun of Sarah Palin, the RNC has a Facebook spoof on Obama.

You’d think with Big Fat Idiots like Al Franken running for the US Senate, the Democrats could come up with something more entertaining. After all, his sole credential for sitting in the upper house of most powerful legislative body in the world is that he is a satirical comedian. Why aren’t they fully tapping into their resources?

4 Responses to “Where’s Al Franken When They Need Him?”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Sol, wasn’t Ronald Reagan’s crowning accomplishment prior to winning the Governorship of California a term as president of SAG?
    And speaking of Collie-For-Nya, Swatrzeneger had even less Bona-Fides . Oh, AHH-nuld doesn’t count, since he’s turned out to be more of a Progressive than the Conservative the people who put him in Sacramento expected him to be…

    So why the ragging on Franken for being “just” a satirical comic? I don’t get it.
    The Republican’s “Deity” and the Senate hopeful for Minnesota both came from a show-biz background, yet what was no big deal for Reagan is a demerit for Franken?

  2. sol Says:

    I think it is fair to compare Reagan and Franken as both having backgrounds in the entertainment industry. I suppose it really comes down to style. Reagan approached politics with gravitas and dignity (with the occasional funny bits, like “we start bombing in five minutes”). Franken just likes to make fun of people. And of course Reagan was right on all the issues and Franken is wrong.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    “And of course Reagan was right on all the issues and Franken is wrong.”

    You know, Sol, for the last several days I have been in quite a bit of internal turmoil. The turmoil revolves, like the eye of the Hurricane that god turned away from Nawlins so the GOP could have their lovefest, around some interesting things Ive read in the news.
    Do I have it wrong? Am I totally STUPID, for, like I was in 1980, not being able to discern the innate ability of Reagan to lead me and the rest of the downtrodden to the Promised Land.
    Did I not see the memo that everyone in the GOP got, the one that said “Let’s have some fun with the Lefties and Progressives and tell them (with a straight face) that Up is Down, Right is Wrong, and make them think we’ve all found Jim Jones’ Kool-aid recipe and are drinking ourselves blue-tongued on it”
    As I have finally figured out to my mind’s satisfaction, after hearing former congresscritter Rick Santorum interviewed tonight, saying such things like Palin’s a Gubernatorial Genius, because she’s Governor of the biggest chunk of real estate in the country. Never mind that pile of semi-frozen mud has a population density less than the town of Chalmers Indiana, I have come to the conclusion that the the GOP and most of their camp followers, are truly delusional and borderline crazy.

    Yep, the GOP has come totally off their spools.

    Oh, BTW, I painfully remember ONE thing that Reagan got wrong, that time he askled us if we were better-off than we were 4 years previously. Those TV sets have some tough glass in the frontplate.
    I still have a limp from trying to put my foot in that wattled face.

  4. John of Indiana Says:

    “Funny bits”… Oh, yeah, I laughed until I peed myself over that one. Oh, wait, I wasn’t laughing, I peed myself from disbelief
    How much do you suppose we’d still be laughing our asses off over that one if Gorbi had pulled the string first, hoping to beat the 5 minute deadline?
    Oh, just a laugh a minute, that Dutch…

    What is it, Sol, is it that promise that, after you (the collective “you”) finish totally fouling up this earth that Jesus will come and take you all to someplace clean and new, and leave the rest of us behind to deal with the “Left Behind” mess, that gives Conservatives, and especially Christian Conservatives, such a “Oh, Well, not my problem” attitude about this world?

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