Experiencing Death

There was more wailing than at a Arab funeral. The Unnamed Children lost their first pet. Then they lost another. Then another. And another. All in one day.

It all started when the Unnamed Woman decided that Bubbles the goldfish needed friends. Bubbles belongs to the Older Child, who had become a bit selfish with him/her (Bubble’s gender is unknown). He didn’t even like the Younger Child participating in feeding Bubbles. Bubbles was moved downstairs and the Woman and Children bought another goldfish, Mr Mustachio, and some minnows and danios. Mr Mustachio was originally going to be call Monsieur Poisson, but that never caught on. His little black mustache was just too distinctive.

All seemed well until yesterday, when we bought a loach to clean the tank. Within hours, four of our little fish were dead. Then the loach died. Fortunately, the pet store that sold the little fish has a five-day guarrantee. The loach people weren’t so accommodating, which was especially irritating given that the available circumstantial evidence seems to focus on their fish as someone responsible for the death of the others.

The shock of death seemed to have worn off by this morning. When the Children got up, another little fish (I couldn’t tell you which kind, as I can’t really tell the minnows from the danios) was dead on the gravel. They took it matter of factly and the Younger Child declared, “Everyone dies eventually.”

The Unnamed Woman didn’t get any more little fish for now. Instead, she got another goldfish. The person at the pet shop said it was better to keep goldfish with goldfish. So now we have Goldie Lookin Fish.

Instead of the joys of watching the fish swim around in their tank, it is more like deathwatch. Will the last two little fish survive? Will the goldfish prove stronger than whatever killed the others?  The suspense continues.

7 Responses to “Experiencing Death”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    I have read that goldfish can live upwards of 45 years. Mine, at the hoary age (for a fish) of 12 is almost 1/3 of the way there.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    We have had some losses in our pet fish stocks; almost all have been DD3’s fish in the communal tank…never any of DD4’s fish in the same tank !

  3. sol Says:

    The last two little fish died today. The tank is now the exclusive realm of the goldfish.

  4. John of Indiana Says:

    The Loach most have brought something in.
    Now the fun begins… Isolate the goldfish in another (small) container, then mix up a solution of 2 tablespoons of Chlorine Bleach (none of that oxy-stuff hawked by the loudmouth) and rinse EVERYTHING that came in contact with the loach or the water it swam in. The tank, the gravel, the filter, everything. Set the goldfish tank back up, de-chlorinate the water, and put the fish back in. Watch it for 2 weeks for signs of distress or anything else non-normal (like getting excited and racing around the tank when Sarah Palin comes on the news).
    Then if all appears normal, breath easy.
    I’d find another petmonger, or at least quarantine any new additions for 72 hours before adding them to the community.

    Yeah, a real hassle, but hey, how do you think I’ve managed to keep a Goldfish 12 years and counting?

  5. John of Indiana Says:

    Oh, duh. I thought you had 2 tanks and still had one fish. No fish juggling, then, just the bleach water and air-dry.

  6. John of Indiana Says:

    Double duh… Back to the fish juggling…
    I should stagger off to bed, shouldn’t I?

  7. Death Comes to All Fish « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] November 9, 2008 — sol For those who follow these things, I am sad to report that Mr Mustachio has passed […]

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