Palin’s Creationism Hurts Obama’s Chances

So it’s not bad enough that Sarah Palin is pro-life, she is a creationist? She may even support the teaching of Intelligent Design. The liberal blogosphere is in a tizzy. How could such a person be running for Vice President?

They somehow think this is going to be a negative. In all of their haughtiness, they forget that most Americans are creationists. According the a 2005 CBS poll, only 15% of respondents believe humans evolved without God being involved. 51% said God created humans in their present form. For creationists and other ID proponents, Palin’s views only confirm her credentials.

Despite the hopes of the shrieking Left, Palin’s views will not drive any voters away.

The issues was made directly relevant to voter preferences by a CBS poll in the aftermath of the 2004 election. It found that 47% of Kerry voters believe that God created humans in their present form. Another 28% of Kerry voters believed in God-guided evolution. 56% of Kerry voters wanted Creationism and evolution taught in schools.  24% of Kerry voters wanted Creationism taught instead of evolution.

Clearly if Obama is going to be more successful than Kerry and actually win, he will need the support of creationists and ID proponents. I am very happy for his supporters in the blogosphere (or anywhere else for that matter) to continue mocking them and deriding them. Alienate them – please.  It just further demonstrates that Obama’s beliefs and values are not those of middle America.

8 Responses to “Palin’s Creationism Hurts Obama’s Chances”

  1. christianliberal Says:

    Sarah Palin is a pro-NRA gun fanatic who likes to kill things with guns, and call it a “sport.” (Well, with any luck, she has a better aim than Dick Cheney.)

    She is vehemently anti-gay.

    She denies global warming.
    (Well, maybe that makes sense in Alaska.)

    My question: How can she call herself Christian?

    I thought Christian meant that you follow the teachings of Christ. No?!
    Killing things for “sport” when the commandment is Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Hating two people because they love each other when the commandment is
    to love one another!

    Putting corporate profits above protecting the planet when the commandment
    is that we be stewards of the earth

    Being pro-war, when the commandment is to
    hammer your swords into plowshares

    Look, if you’re a biased, intolerant war-dog who likes to shoot things,
    FINE, but don’t go around telling people that Jesus is your hero.

  2. sol Says:

    That was quite a rant. Too bad it doesn’t actually bear any relationship to the Bible or any traditional Christian teaching derived from it.

    If you bothered with the context of the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” you would see that it refers to the killing of human beings, other than those whose lives are forfeit by crime. One statement in the book of Exodus cannot be understood without its context within the entire Mosaic Law, which clearly has no problem with the killing of animals. There is no New Testament prohibition on the killing of animals, while at the same time it confirms the validity of the death penalty in Romans 13.

    I’m not sure who is hating two people because they love each other. The Bible (including Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels) is clear that the sexual expression of love is properly expressed in the context of the marriage between a man and a woman. Many, many people fail to stay within the bounds of this proper expression, just like they fail to obey God’s rules in any number of other areas. God loves us and wants us to obey Him, and Christians should love everyone and want them to obey God too, so they shouldn’t be afraid to say when people are not obeying God.

    Being stewards of the earth means that the resources God has provided in it should be used wisely, not worshipped. Stewardship is like Jesus’ parable of the talents. The servants who did the most with what the master gave them were the most rewarded, whilst the servant who hid what his master had given was punished.

    You need to check your Bible again. There is no commandment to hammer swords into plowshares. There are two prophetic messages that the time of perfect peace will come when it will be possible to hammer swords into plowshares (Isaiah 2 and Micah 4). There is one time when then language is imperative to do exactly the opposite – Joel 3. Clearly if one or the other were to be called a commandment, it would be the latter.

    If you are a biased, intolerant peacenik who makes up what they think the Bible says, fine, but don’t go around telling people your liberalness bears any resemblance to Christianity.

    BTW, did you have anything substantive to say about the point of the post, or were you just looking for an excuse to vent?

  3. Lucy Lowe Says:

    The post above is a textbook example of how you can use the Bible to justify your personal opinions as morally correct.

  4. John of Indiana Says:

    Obama will NEVER get the support of the ID, Creationism, OR, the Flat Earth Society, because they’re all too busy writing emails to each other about how they heard Gush Pfleghmball say Obama is hiding O-sum-guy Bin Fergotten at his house.

    Kerry didn’t lose because he couldn’t convince The Rustics to disobey James Dobson, he lost because he took a butterfly net to Karl Rove’s knife fight. As if any Good Evangelical was going to vote for one of those “Mary Cultists” in the first place…

  5. sol Says:

    Evangelicals have been happy to vote for Catholics who reflect their values. Look at their support for Sam Brownback and Bobby Jindal.

  6. John of Indiana Says:

    But that still leaves the question of how much support from the Creationists is Obama’s to lose, doesn’t it?
    I also notice you have (as of yet)not posted any reply to my statement that Al Franken “The Comedian” is no less qualified to lead than Reagan “The Actor” was because they both came from the World of Make Believe.

    C’mon Sol, reach for the higher-hanging fruit.

  7. sol Says:

    Given that there were creationist happy to vote for Kerry in 2004, I would suggest that not all creationists are the right-wing wackos you make them out to be. There would appear to be a significant number of voters who, while believing in young earth creation or theistic evolution, still vote with the Democratic Party for any number of reasons. However, if someone like Palin gets slammed by the Democratic machine for he belief in creationism or favouring the teaching of ID, this could backfire and alientate some of the voters who would otherwise vote Democrat.

    This is related to our previous discussion about the viability of an atheist candidate. If some likely Democratic voters perceive an anti-Christian bias from the Obama campaign, they may well move over to a very Christian-friendly McCain/Palin ticket.

  8. John of Indiana Says:

    Well, Sol, in the spirit of full-disclosure, I can’t help butconfess that I believe that these ID proponents, “Young Earth” creationists or whatever you want to cal them, are total idiots.
    I’m shocked and frightened by their sincerity, and no, I would NOT want a doctor who believes in ID working on me. I don’t want people who believe in the Second Coming and “The Great Battle with Magog” playing with foreign policy, either, but it sadly looks like I’m in the minority there.

    If “Intelligent Design” is true, then the theory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is also true, and no I will not accept the objection that the FSM is “only 5 years old” as valid reason to dismiss it out of hand.
    Everything in the bible was only 5 years old itself, once.

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