Desperately Trying to Find a Scandal

You gotta give the Left credit. When they want to get nasty, they don’t give up.

I have never seen so many scandals surrounding one person so fast as the Left has started slinging everything they can find at Sarah Palin. Okay, I suppose you can’t call them scandals, since the people of Right and Center aren’t particularly scandalised. And you can’t really say the Left are slinging mud, because that implies there’s some actual dirt.

How could Sarah Palin have an 80% approval rating in a state so small that everyone is in everyone else’s business if there was actually a problem?

They know that people are going to retaliate when whistle-blowers try to clean things up in government.

These are people that already knew Bristol was pregnant. And I’m sure, if his MySpace account had been accurately “uncovered”, they already knew that Levi is a jerk. (Some of them might even have daughters who have messed up with jerks. It is only leftwingers whose daughters always hook up with model citizens – probably because they are rebelling against their parents.)

They knew she goes to an Assembly of God church and if she wants to be a Charismatic/Pentecostal, with all that particular theological baggage,  then that’s her perogative. They’re not surprised that Christians want to evangelise the whole world. They aren’t even worried about their governor standing in front her church urging people to pray for American soldiers in Iraq, that God would guide their path.

Every time another liberal blogger starts blathering about another “-gate”, thinking they finally uncovered the truth that will shock the nation, they just demonstrate how out of step they are with mainstream America.


3 Responses to “Desperately Trying to Find a Scandal”

  1. Sherrie M. Says:

    The Speaker of the House has 5 kids too. The lefties are attempting to make an issue of that as well. Should she be asked to resign? She would be in line for the Presidency if something were to happen to the VP. Scary thought hu? Nancy Pelosi President. We all better pray.

  2. John of Indiana Says:

    Speaking about her standing up at her AOG church, how about that “Jews for Jesus” fellow who visited there last week claiming that Israelis who got whacked by terra-ists are getting god’s wrath for being unbelievers…

    This so called “storm of Scandals” you think is flying around Palin is NOTHING compared to the blizzard surrounding Bill Clinton.
    But that’s OK, because Clinton’s a Democrat, right?

    And Sherrie, if I thought prayer worked, I’d be praying my knees off that Pelosi would become president.

  3. sol Says:

    No, it’s okay because Clinton actual did bad things. He – not his children – misbehaved. He led to a federal grand jury. He committed adultery in the White House (not the first there, for sure) and lied about it. He was involved in a variety of dodgy dealings. So it wasn’t what he believed about God or spiritual things. It wasn’t what his daughter did (not that it is easy to imagine that anyway). He chose to act in ways that were illegal – got him disbarred by the then all Democrat Arkansas Supreme Court – and brought ethical and moral disrepute to the office of the Presidency. Not his family, not his staff, not his advisers – him.

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