How He Spent His Summer Vacation

If you are American and think of the UK as an ideal vacation location, you may wonder why all the Brits try to go somewhere else. Unfortunately, with the weakening economy and especially the weakening pound against the Euro, more Brits stayed on this side of the Channel during the second wettest British summer on record.

To share in their misery, British CNN reporter Adrian Finighan joined them in one of the usual British holiday locations, the seaside caravan park. So for the Best of British, have a quick read.


3 Responses to “How He Spent His Summer Vacation”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    We have stayed at the Haven site in Tenby, West Wales on several occasions, and it was always clean and tidy, with extremely helpful staff everywhere.

    We did avoid the soi-disant “evening entertainment”, though , with very loud music and populated by hordes of over-tired screaming little ones who really should have been sleeping soundly rather than dragged out till all hours by their families. …

  2. sol Says:

    While the Unnamed Woman grew up with Butlins, my first experience at a caravan park was a couple of years ago when we went to Scotland at autumn half-term. We got there after they were closed, and had an experience not unlike Adrian Finighan in that regard.

    We didn’t buy the entertainment passes, as we were really there to see Edinburgh. There didn’t seem to be much entertainment on in October anyway.

  3. Caran Says:

    Having travelled extensively with a caravan throughout a few different countries including Australia, Canada, the US and England, I have to say that I wouldn’t travel any other way. It’s so refreshing and offers a lot of flexibility.

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