In the Path of the Storm

Hurricane Ike is gaining strength and it is headed for my hometown. The projected path from the National Hurricane Center might as well have a bull’s-eye on the house where I grew up and spent nearly three weeks this summer. My parents are heading for the hills.

Fortunately my father is not feeling any side effects from chemotherapy, because he has to drive five hours to escape coming storm.

I always feel bad about praying that the storm will go somewhere else. That just means it will make a direct hit on someone else. Barring the dissipation of the storm itself, it is going to slam into the Texas coast somewhere. I just pray that if it hits my hometown, most things are preserved. Whatever survives the storm is my children’s inheritance.

2 Responses to “In the Path of the Storm”

  1. wavemaker2 Says:

    I live in Houston, Tx. and some of our family live in Beaumont.. It look’s like Ike is going to hit in Port O’Connor or Galveston which will put us on the bad side of the storm.. But we will NOT get anything but Rain and a little wind.. I hope!! til l8er

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Lord have mercy !
    Prayers for all those in the affected areas.

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