Fecal Atheism

While much ado is made about Christian fundamentalist in the comboxes of this blog, it must be said that not all atheists are gentle, peace-loving folk.

I came across this article tonight. It seems Timothy Brown wasn’t willing to let his persuasive intellect suffice in his bid to convert Helen Watson to unbelief.

Yes, there are some crazy Christians out there. Mr Brown is in a whole other league.


One Response to “Fecal Atheism”

  1. Samuel Skinner Says:

    Not really. Mr Brown fits into “insane missionary”. Of course, if we have an atheist who goes on an anti religious rampage, than we will have similar leagues.

    Poe’s law comes into play though- there is nothing so audacious that the religious have not already done. Vox Day is my… personal favorite example, but there are others.

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