Free Prescriptions for Rationed Drugs

Gordon Brown’ popularity is at an all-time low. The Labour Party looks to walloped at the next General Election.

At Labour’s annual party conference, Brown needed to pull a rabbit out of hat to try to revitalise his prospects, particularly to ward off challenges within his own party. There’s nothing Socialists like better than giving away something paid for by someone else’s money.

Gordon will be giving free prescriptions to cancer patients. Sounds really good doesn’t it? Well, the Scots are already phasing out charges and the Welsh have already abolished them. So really, Gordon is giving free prescriptions to English cancer patients.

If you live in the States, you may realise how expensive cancer drugs can be. In England, they cost £7.10 a bottle. Everything costs £7.10 a bottle. So you’re thinking, wow, from $14.00 per prescription to free – not bad a deal.

It’s not a bad deal as long as you can get the drugs you need. Gordon never said he would pay for all cancer patients. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) will still control which drugs are available. It will continue to work out its matrices and decide whose life is worth saving and whose isn’t. Some cancers and cancer patients are worth treating and some aren’t. That’s the reality of socialised medicine. That’s the reality Gordon Brown can’t do anything about.

And if you are in the States you may think, well, that’s just Britain; nothing like that can happen here. That’s the reality Barak Obama won’t be able to do anything about, if he gets Hillary’s way.

2 Responses to “Free Prescriptions for Rationed Drugs”

  1. jjessome Says:

    Brand vs. generic drugs

    There is a good bit of confusion on this issue so we would like to explain how this works.
    When a drug company such as Pfizer or Merck create a new drug for sale the federal government will grant them a brand name patent, usually for 7 years. This means that they are the only company allowed to sell this product for the first seven years after it receives FDA approval.

    The reason that they are given this brand name exclusivity is because it takes 100’s of millions of dollars to research and develop a new drug prior to it’s being approved for sale. This allows the drug company an opportunity to recoup some money that they invested.

    After seven years the brand name patent is lifted and then other companies can offer a generic
    copy of the EXACT SAME DRUG. With competition from other companies, the prices are
    reduced dramatically. This is why the brand name drugs are so much more expensive. The
    company with the original patent knows that they only have seven years to make their money.

    This is why we emphasis to our clients / potential clients the importance of having ALL drugs
    covered when your deductible is met. Not just $500 max. benefit per year or a co – pay on
    generic drugs with no brand name coverage ever.

    * Many drugs are not available in generic form and with some people utilizing 1000 – 24,000
    dollars worth per month; you do not want to be caught within the seven year period.

  2. sol Says:


    I doubt you will check back on responses to your comment, since it was really a long-winded advertisement. That’s why I took the link off the end of it. While your information was fascinating (except for the fact that I already know all of that), it had nothing to do with the rationing of drugs under the NHS in the UK or the possibility of socialised medicine in the States.

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