The Pride of Britain

This is a disgusting country. After dealing with really nasty teenagers today, I came home to read this story about an incident in Derby. Rather than relay it to you, I’ll copy the first bit of the story:

A suicidal teenager was taunted until he jumped from the top of a city-centre car park by a crowd of baying shoppers who had gathered in the street below.

In a shocking indictment of modern Britain, youths passing in the shopping street yelled at Shaun Dykes to kill himself over the course of three hours.

At least one bystander allegedly taunted the 17-year-old by shouting: ‘How far can you bounce?’

The A-level student eventually plunged 60ft to his death from the multi-storey car park after police negotiators tried in vain to talk him down.

Then, in a final sickening act, some of those responsible for the abuse outside the Westfield shopping centre in Derby apparently clamoured to take pictures of the teenager’s body from behind the police cordon using their camera phones.

Yesterday, police branded the mob’s behaviour a ‘shocking reflection on society’ as they joined community leaders and concerned onlookers who were at the scene of Saturday’s tragedy in condemning the crowd’s behaviour.

15 Responses to “The Pride of Britain”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Poor lad.
    No doubt if the police negotiators had managed to talk him down, he would then have been heckled and accused of being a gutless wonder etc.
    Our country has gone to the dogs over the last ten years or so .

  2. Steve Says:

    I’ve just been reading Samuel Pepys’s diary, and he has several descriptions of crowds of 10000 or more spectators at hangings. I don’t think much has changed in 350 or so years.

    Lord have mercy

  3. matthew Says:

    Wow. I’m appalled, but not.

  4. sharon Says:

    Shaun was a fun loving person, who obviously needed help and support, not mindless comments,

  5. sol Says:


    I’m sure that he was, and as you appear to have known him, I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. derby Says:

    first of all. sad story.
    second of all..why people are blaming the whole of derby town for tragic incident…its pathetic. it could have been anywhere..every town has its idiots.everyone knows why did police not block off the whole area instead of letting the public stand there and watch???
    its a disgrace

  7. Mary Says:

    Agreed, my first thought as well…if this went on for three hours, WHY did the police not remove the crowd from the area??? common sense is not so common.

  8. sol Says:


    I agree with you. I hope you don’t think I’m focusing either on Derby or Derby’s idiots. You are absolutely right that it could have been anywhere. Derby’s idiots just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  9. cherrell Says:

    I think all your opinions are right i was there that day i went with my mum and nearly 8 month old daughter we gt to town about 4 and didnt hav clue wat was goin on till we seen a group of people using their camera fones wen i then looked up i was disgusted at wat i saw because before i saw the young lad i thought oh it must b a celeb or sumthing but never did i think they wud b filming this poor boy for some sort of sick thrill!! anyway we didn’t spectate i just hoped he didnt jump i was shocked and upset to find out later that he had i can’t get it out of my head seeing him standing there so i can’t believe sick people wud actually want to watch him end his short life! this story has really affected me and i didn’t even know him! if i’d hav heard people shouting them horrible things i probably wud hav got arrested that day, its disgusting! however i dnt think that they are to blame for him doing that but they sure didn’t help the situation and the police did a POOR job!! they could hav done a lot mre block the whole street get a safety net or something not just standing there hoping for the best!i don’t kno whta the negotiators said to him but they obviously didn’t get through to him i wish i could hav gone up there to speak to him a normal person that could relate to him also his SO CALLED friends were watching they didn’t do a thing i thinks it’s awful if that was my friend up there i wud go to the end of the earth to get him down not stand there! as for the people that shouted stupid mindless comments i hope they can NEVER live with their guilt i hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives how the hell wud they feel if it was their brother or son up their bet they wud shutup then!!!!! i hope its just rumours about taking pics of his dead body because thats the sickets of all!

  10. monica Says:

    I live in derby and many of my friends watched as he jumped they were horrified as people were chanting the word ‘jump’ . He died on the same day as the gay parade which started a few hours before he died. His boyfriend had dumped him and he didnt get along with his mum. 3 weeks that day the same thing happend to another person in derbys city centre which i thought was awful. My heart goes out to all his family and friends

  11. carol Says:

    I knew Shaun very well and like his dear friends and family, loved him very much. he was a gentle and loving young man, and the loss of his life is a trajedy. I find it despicable that poeple were so cruel to him at his point of total desperation and find it hard to believe that there is any level of justification in what the jeering crowds did. I am spending a lot of my time supporting my daughter and other close friends of the gentle Shaun, please, don’t let anger at the mob interfere with his family grieving process, it was unforgiveable however, not to give family space is equally bad. Rest in pace precious Shaun

  12. Shell Says:

    I happened to be there last Saturday just at the worse time possible, to see poor Shaun fall to his death..What I wud like to say is that in the three minutes before he fell I did not hear any jeers from the crowd although I am well aware that there were mindless idiots there that day but I think we also need to remember that there were alot more people there hoping and praying that he came down safe!! My daughter was with me when Shaun fell and is totally devastated by this, she is 14, she just wanted the happy ending and unfortunately saw the unhappy ending.. I will also say that the police did not do enough to corner that area off they could have quite easily ensured that the morons, who obviously had shouted stupid mindless things to him, could not be heard by shutting the whole street off instead of a little (and I mean little) area off and alowing shops like Argos and Wilko’s to remain open to serve customers when Shaun fell right outside the doors of these shops. They would have shut the whole of the street off for a bomb scare but not for a young lad that had been threatening to kill himself for 3 hours…. disgusting. RIP Shaun you did not deserve this lack of respect from the Public, Police or anyone else

  13. Kerry Says:

    Monica, I knew Shaun through all my schools and I think his mother would be livid to read that he didnt get along with her!
    As he was an only child, him and his mum got along like best friends. They even worked in the local pub together.
    Kilburn is only a small village and everyone knows everyone. He certainly got along with his mum.
    I think it is kind of disgusting how you think you have the right to come onto here and make those allegations.
    And also if your friends were horrified, why didnt they walk away?
    There was police tape there, but no one was stopping you from walking away.
    I found myself there, not knowing what was going on, and as soon as i glanced up and saw him there, i walked off. For his dignity and for that of his family.
    Rest in peace shaun, you were such a ray of sunshine and its a shame someone so geniune and lovely has gone.
    Hope you are happy where you are now.
    Sleep tight matey.
    Kerry XxX

  14. Ezzy Elliot Says:

    Too much reality TV. Kids these day don’t know the difference. Also, no one in this day and age, in this country, should feel themselves forced to commit suicide due to being gay. I hope this footage does not show up on P2P anonymous or otherwise.

  15. Juniper Says:

    I was also in Derby that day, and went out of the doors near Babbington Lane around that time. I did not hear anything that loud, and was not even aware that anything was going on but was disturbed to hear of it afterwards.

    I think it is comforting to read the account of someone who was there in the last few minutes say that there was no shouting then. I think it is such a tragic waste of life, and I wish he had come down. The person who criticised his friends should think before they post – his friends apparently could not get up there – I am not 100% as I was not there, but neither were you so saying such disrespectful things about those who have lost him is appalling

    The people yelling did not think, and some of the people posting on here are still thoughtless – have some respect

    R.I.P. Shaun and my sympathy to his mother, friends and family

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