How Sarah Won the Debate

I fell asleep on the sofa last night after a 13-hour day, which include prospective parents night at school. Fortunately I had set the telly to SkyNews, as I knew they would be carrying the VP debate live. I woke up not too far into it and watch the rest.

Part of me wanted to be discouraged, because Biden is clearly a more experienced debater and extemporaneous speaker. But then I remembered that the Vice Presidency is not about debate or extemporaneous speaking. In fact, these aren’t even skills that a VP needs.

I also remembered that many American voters are more impressed with plain talking than smooth debating. Palin didn’t make any significant mistakes. She stayed on message with the campaign.

If winning the debate means that she out argued her opponent, I don’t know if she won. If it means she was an asset to her ticket and improved their chances, then perhaps she did.

3 Responses to “How Sarah Won the Debate”

  1. attendingtheworld Says:

    Won the debate? Interesting!

    CNN conducted a national poll and found that Senator Biden won, but that Gov. Palin “exceeded expectations.” CNN also found that Palin topped Biden on likability, but Biden was viewed to be more qualified for the job.


    Oh and yes she made numerous mistakes! Just checkout:

    This is not to say that Biden was any better! He too fumbled the facts. I’m sure you can find the references all over the internet.


  2. sol Says:

    I didn’t say Sarah didn’t make mistakes. Rather that she didn’t make any glaring mistakes.

    If you read what I said, I suggested that if her side gets more of a boost out of the debate, whether or not she won on debating skills, it could be said that she won. She accomplished the mission – to get more support (or maintain the support) for McCain.

  3. Athanasia Says:

    All things considered, I think Palin did a very good job. She was articulate, looked directly into the camera, seemed to know what she was talking about and definitely related well to the “typical” middle class American. I like that Palin is a Washington outsider.

    I was a bit frustrated when she did not answer two or three questions directly but instead redirected her comment to energy and tax cuts and health plans. I am also a tad tired of hearing the “maverick” rhetoric.

    I thought Biden did a good job as well. He was gentelmanly but direct. Clearly he has a lot of experience.

    This is going to be a tough election race. There is just no two ways about that.

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