Reading about Elizabeth’s tooth reminded me of information I got from the Unnamed Woman over dinner yesterday.

She took the Older Child to the dentist because a filling had fallen out, whereupon it was discovered that he had a (fortunately painless) abscess under the tooth. The dentist is always quite snooty to the Unnamed Woman and always feels she has to remind the Woman what sort of foods are dentally appropriate for our children. The Unnamed Woman, being rather intelligent and healthy food conscious, never fails to take a bit of offence at this condescension.

Remarkably, the Ms Dentist was subdued. It turns out that the abscess was due to the dentist leaving something behind in Older Child’s mouth at the last appointment. The Unnamed Woman was a little pleased to see to the dentist bumped down a peg.

3 Responses to “Leftovers”

  1. Athanasia Says:

    Unnamed Woman is a prize to keep. Amazing how Unnamed Women (note plural) often have the low down on other Titled Unnamed Women.

    Glad to know Older Child was spared the pain of the abscess and is healing well.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m glad Older Child is painfree, despite the abscess.

    Where we are, a terifying number of children have the most appalling dental health, which isn’t helped by the fact there are virtually no NHS dentists at all any more.

    Considering that here in Wales we no longer pay prescription charges for medication, I do hope the Welsh Assembly’s next project will be to sort out our dental system or subsidise the cost of private dentistry for children.

  3. sol Says:

    When the Older Child first started getting cavities, we were still on the waiting list for a dentist, so he had to go to an NHS clinic. The standard of care there was unbelievably appalling. He had fillings falling out all the time and was always in some sort of pain. Snootiness is the price we pay for what is usually reasonable care.

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