What the Government Has Planned for Your Daughter

Next week all the 12-year-old girls at my school will get their vaccinations against the virus that causes many cases of cervical cancer. The injection is given to 12-year-olds because it is only effective if taken before a girl becomes sexually active. It will be too late for some of the girls.

The Government now has another plan for 12-year-olds. Under legislation to be considered in Parliament this week, they will be given pills for do-it-yourself home abortions. As long as their unborn child is less that 19 weeks old, they will get the abortifacients without their parents ever knowing.

They will have to be a little creative, obviously. At 19 weeks, the baby is about 7 inches long and weighs about 2/3 of a pound. That’s a lot to flush down the toilet. It’s probably the sort of thing that will require sneaking some sort of small plastic bag upstairs and then slipping out to the bins. Best to plan the abortion near to collection day, so the decomposing flesh doesn’t alert mum and dad. It would be especially nasty to have a dog get into the bin and drag the corpse around the garden.

Then there’s all the blood and related gloop associated with expelling what Dr Evan Harris, MP always prefers to call the “products of conception”. But I guess mum will just think her darling daughter is having an unusally heavy period.

And this will bring abortion to Northern Ireland, which until now, like the counties to the south, has prohibited it.

21 Responses to “What the Government Has Planned for Your Daughter”

  1. Tony Sidaway Says:

    Girls in the UK are already able to obtain an abortion without their parents knowing provided certain conditions are met. See Gillick competence (Wikipedia).

    Abortion pills can be used in the UK up to 9 (NINE) weeks of pregnancy not 19. You’re perfectly correct about the impracticality of using such methods as late as 19 weeks.

    It looks as fi the proposed extension to Northern Ireland may not go ahead, because of concerns that contentious legislatin from Westminster might upset the peace process.

  2. Athanasia Says:

    This has to be the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

    12 year olds who are already sexually active?! Sigh. Lord have mercy.

  3. sol Says:


    Abortifacient pills are being used for medical abortions up to 19 (NINETEEN) weeks, according to BPAS. This is confirmed by the news articles about the upcoming legislation, including comments by one of its chief opponents, Nadine Dorries, as well as others. I have been trying to dig through the endless amendments on the Parliament website, but I haven’t turned up the actual language.

    I did turn up the Northern Ireland extension amendments, though obviously there is no information as to whether the sponsors of these amendments will wish to withdraw them on the day.

  4. sol Says:


    I first became aware of the promiscuity of pre-teens when I was in my first teacher training placement in rural England, in a town the same size as the one in which I now teach, in a school just a little smaller.

    A Year 7 girl appeared to be on the receiving end of a sexual attack from an older boy on the hood of a car in the town. A brave older man (who the next day recounted his experience to a senior member of the school staff) rushed to her rescue. When he got there, there was no attack at all. In flagrante delicto, the girl told her would-be rescuer, “You’ll have to wait your turn, grandpa.”

    As for what I’ve learned since then, I try not to even think of the conversations I’ve overheard in classrooms, in lunchrooms, on the playground. It’s not like I want to try to overhear. They just talk about it so loud and unashamedly it is impossible to miss.

    By the time we cover the ethics of contraception and promiscuity in my subject when they are 14-15, most of them are outraged that anyone would dare suggest that sex isn’t for anyone at any time in any place. Those who have any morality left keep quiet for fear of being ostracized by the majority.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    We have had girls in Year 6 turn up to school discos wearing costumes that would have made a prostitute blush, with very visible thongs underneath.
    Who on earth buys thongs for ten year old girls ?
    The mind boggles.

  6. Tony Sidaway Says:

    Sol, thanks for your reply.

    I think you’re mixing up two different procedures. See this:


    I think you’ll see that the procedure is much simpler under 9 weeks. In some countries where it’s available, the pills can be taken at home and no hospital or clinic visits are required.

    The second method, which is normally available up to near the end of the second trimester, may involve multiple treatments with different drugs including, in later abortions, an injection to stop the fetal heart.

    There is no question of any pregnant woman, of any age, being left to handle the delivery of an aborted advanced foetus on her own. There are some scare stories being put out by anti-abortion campaigners, principally Nadine Dorries, who is the Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, and eagerly rproduced by the more disreputable tabloid newspapers. But that is all they are: stories deliberately intended to mislead people about the effects of the legislation. This injection of false information into the public sphere hinders the democratic process.

    Note also that these amendments related to abortion have been proposed by backbenchers including the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Evan Harris and the Labour MP Frank Dobson. They are not the main import of the bill as introduced by the government.

    An attempt to reduce the time limit for abortions failed in May on a free vote.

  7. Tony Sidaway Says:

    sol, on your statements about the purported lapse of morality in British teenagers, as a parent of two young adults who only very recently left their teenage years I can state with confidence that your anecdotal description conveys a very false motion of the younger generation.

    In reality, the teen pregnancy rate is at its lowest point in twenty years, and has fallen 12% since 1998. Although our teen pregnancy rates are still the highest in Europe, they are moving in the right direction.

    It is the responsibility of all people to look beyond the lies in the headlines and acquaint themselves with the facts. This is particularly true of those who, like bloggers, aim to influence others.

  8. sol Says:


    You are correct that all of the amendments have been tabled by backbenchers. The Government has mostly busied itself with killing embryos and allowing for the creation of hybrids. The PM and most of the Government do favour the approach of Dr Harris. Even though abortion is traditionally a free vote area of legislation, it appears that the Government have only taken an official hands-off approach because of Des Browne, Ruth Kelly and a few other Catholics. Of course now that the two of them are gone, look for a more aggressive anti-life stance in the future.

    If you believe that Mrs Dorries and I have misrepresented the nature of Wednesday’s amendments, then how do you understand what they plan to do that isn’t already permissible?

    As to your other comment, as someone who teaches in the area of sexual ethics and morality as a part of the GCSE syllabus, I can tell you will confidence that each new year group that comes up has a more promiscuous attitude than the one before. If your kids only left their teen years two years ago, you are six years out of date with today’s 14-year-olds.

    If what I said was only based on the evidence of one or two ancedotes, then you might be right. Teen pregnancy rates may be dropping through the increased use of contraception, but not through the increased practice of abstinence.

    I am not talking about headlines I’ve read, but rather children I know and see every day.

  9. Tony Sidaway Says:

    It looks as if all parties have agreed that what is needed is a new abortion bill in its own right, The advantage of that is that the embryology bill as proposed by the government is likely to go through unamended.

    Here’s what I know about the amendments that have been proposed by Ebven Harris and others to liberalize abortion:

    Diane Abbot and others: extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland

    Evan Harris and Chris McCafferty: change abortion act to permit abortion on demand as long as a physician determines that the pregnancy is no more than 24 weeks advanced

    Evan Harris and Frank Dobson: permit nurses and midwives to perform abortions (mainly relates to non-surgical abortion)

    Nothing at all about 19-week pregnant girls being given abortion pills to take home. That’s all made-up nonsense.

    As for teen pregnancy, you come out with anecdotes about promiscuity, I respond with statistics about the rapidly falling teen pregnancy rate. No contest.

  10. Tony Sidaway Says:

    More hard figures showing a large drop in teen pregnancy in the UK since 1998.

  11. Tony Sidaway Says:

    This page contains a graph showing that the UK teen pregnancy rate in 2000 was approximately half the UK teen pregnancy rate in 1970.

    Historically, teen pregnancy rates in the UK have fallen while moralists have wrung their hands and falsely claimed that they were rising.

  12. sol Says:

    Ah, the battle of the statistics. See the Daily Telegraph, “Sharp rise in under-16 pregnancy rates” from April this year. So the 16-19 group may be dropping, but entirely in line with my point, it is getting worse with the younger ones. “The numbers translate to an increase in the rate of under-age pregnancies per 1,000 girls of four per cent, the biggest single annual increase for 10 years. Among the under-18s, pregnancy figures rose in 2005 to 39,683 from 39,593, although the pregnancy rate for this age group fell by one per cent.”

    So even in the group where the rate is declining slightly, the actual number of pregnancies rose.

  13. Tony Sidaway Says:

    Are you serious in that last comment? It’s self-satirizing.

    If the number of girls is higher then a lower rate of teen pregnancy may still give a higher absolute number of teen pregnancies. That’s nothing to worry about as long as the rate is falling. Which you now admit that it is.

    And on underage pregnancies, check and you’ll see that the overall number has been pretty steady for over a decade, with the odd blip.

    The government has to run its health policies in this field against a background of distortions and, sometimes, outright lies, mostly religiously motivated. Needless to say these distortions do not help the young women in question to adjust to adult life and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Nevertheless it has achieved significant success.

  14. sol Says:

    Last things first, I’m not sure how you think what you perceive to be statistical distortions affect the young women in question. The Government has not achieved the measure of success it set for itself and is nowhere near reaching its targets on teen pregnancy.

    Why is the rise in absolute number of teen pregnancies nothing to worry about? Referring to the aforementioned Telegraph article, “[Critics] said that seizing on teenage pregnancy rates — as opposed to actual numbers — was misleading and could be attributed to an increasing population, including a larger number of Muslim families where teenage pregnancy is rare.”

    Thanks for those statistics though, because they did remind me to another alarming trend. The number of under-age pregnancies ending in abortion has increased significantly.

  15. Tony Sidaway Says:

    I agree that the government is probably not going tomake its goal of a 50% reduction in the under-18 pregnancy rate.

    I disagree with the notion that the absolute number is more significant than the rate. That’s an absurd idea.

    Why is the number of teen abortions a problem? This means fewer teenagers having their educations ruined by an unwanted baby. It’s a good thing.

  16. Mary Says:

    Murdering a child for ANY reason is NOT a good thing, Mr.Sidaway.

  17. sol Says:

    While I agree with you Mary, it doesn’t change that face that Tony’s reasoning is specious. There is no reason that a teenager’s education should be ruined by an unwanted baby. First of all, local authorities can make educational provision for those who can’t attend school. Second, there is no reason why someone can’t put off their GCSEs for a year. Third, there are many couples who are waiting for the opportunity to adopt, so there is no such thing as an unwanted baby. There are only babies who are not wanted by their birth parents.

    So, no, it’s a bad thing. Babies die and loving couples remain childless.

  18. Tony Sidaway Says:

    It seems that attempts to discuss abortionof pregnancy must nowadays always be interrupted by deranged accusations of murder.

    This does not help the discussion.

    sol, your reasoning doesn’t alter the fact that the pregnancy is usually unwanted and the best thing to do it to terminate it. This is what happens in many cases. If you really want to alter things perhaps you could jump in and offer the needed education, adoption, upbringing, etc. And good luck.

    And there’s nobody stopping you trying that.

    But as it is we’ve got girls who get abortions at a young age and go on to have careers. Which seems reasonable to me.

  19. sol Says:

    What is deranged about the accusation of murder? The taking of a human life with malice aforethought is murder. You must therefore say that an unborn child is not a human life. You have no scientific basis for this. From conception, every human is a unique life. I argue on that basis rather than to suggest that a vast number of people consider the unborn child to be a human life and that you are therefore calling a huge number of people deranged. However, I realise that since you consider atheism a normative state of mind, you would consider anyone who is pro-life and also religious to be deranged on the basis of adhering to religious belief.

    You don’t give any support for your “fact” that the pregnancy is unwanted. A pregnancy is an unborn life. There may be many people, including under-aged girls, who don’t want to be pregnant. But a lot of people want the pregnancy. They want that unborn life. And the thing is, I don’t have to jump in and offer the adoption. My wife and I have been blessed to be able to have children. As I plainly stated before, there are many couples who are barren. They wold love to jump in and offer the adoption.

    It is very difficult and expensive to find an available healthy child for adoption in this country. They are all being aborted. That’s what stopping people from trying it. That’s why so many have gone to Eastern Europe or Asia to adopt.

    Girls getting abortions seems reasonable to you because you do not value the unborn life. For anyone who values it, the only reasonable option is adoption. Girls who get themselves pregnant still go on to have careers.

  20. Tony Sidaway Says:

    You ask “What is deranged about accusations of murder.”

    Well, accusing approximately one third of all women of murder is deranged, loopy, stupid, and bound to lose you the support of all reasonable people.

    Which is why I will not continue to respond here.

  21. Mary Says:

    I seriously doubt that one third of ALL women have had an abortion. Is that in the UK? the USA? the whole world? Sad use of statistics, Mr. Sidaway. Sad, too, for you to take your toys and go home just because you can’t make your arguement any more convincingly.

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