Making Sacrifices for Obama

I have seen it all now. I have seen it all.

It is bizarre enough that Pentecostals in Kenya are praying fervently for the election of Kenyan Barak Obama as President of the United States. Bishop Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede of the Power of Jesus Around the World Church believes he is anointed by God. Apparently Pentecostals in Kenya aren’t burdened by the same values as their American counterparts.

But it isn’t just Christians that are praying for Obama’s victory.

At Kit Mikayi, a sacrificial rock shrine 20 miles from Kisumu, about a dozen people have visited on the senator’s behalf, according to Jennifer Okot, an elderly villager who lives near the shrine.

Customarily, those seeking large blessings sacrifice a goat by swinging it by its legs so that its head and neck are bludgeoned against a large rock in a naturally occurring enclosure between two massive boulders that serves as the shrine’s sanctuary. The goat’s demise incurs the blessings of the rock shrine’s god, said Caroline Odhiambo, a 24-year-old who tends to the shrine.

Yes, Kenyans are sacrificing their goats so Obama can sacrifice American children.

In the US, most charismatic faith healers are supporting McCain and his charismatic running mate Sarah Palin. In Kenya,  “The charismatic faith healer Fr. John Pesa I says he has offered prayers for an Obama victory over the past two months in his cathedral of the Holy Ghost Coptic Church on the outskirts of Kisumu.” Pesa is a former Roman Catholic. Real Roman Catholics priests oppose abortion.

3 Responses to “Making Sacrifices for Obama”

  1. Hannah Friedman Says:

    I am 22 and I’d like to capture my thoughts before America either elects a president who its first 26 presidents could have legally owned, or brazenly subverts the very ideals it was founded upon by manipulating numbers in a final embarrassingly overt goosestep towards corporate totalitarianism.

    [The other seven long paragraphs edited out, since the entire comment is simply a reprint from your own blog. Spamming on a level at least as historic as this election. But I didn’t want you to think I had removed your post because of your idiot liberal views. I even left the link to your blog.]

    Hannah Friedman

  2. sol Says:

    That’s an interesting claim – that the first 26 presidents could have legally owned John McCain. Oh, wait, maybe you meant Barak Obama. It’s hard to say, since it isn’t true of either of them. Neither is descended from slaves, though Obama’s family did own some. The importation of slaves became illegal in 1808. After all, race did not make one a slave. You could just as easily have said that Barak himself could have owned slaves. After all, just in the city of New Orleans there were 3,000 blacks who owned slaves in 1860. Charleston SC had 125 Negroes who owned slaves. In both places, some of them owned lots of slaves.

    But I found your claim of the first 26 presidents interesting. That takes us up through Teddy Roosevelt. Perhaps you are thinking that this is because Roosevelt was born in 1858, seven years before slavery was outlawed by the 13th Amendment. However, Roosevelt lived all of those years in New York, a state which had already outlawed slavery.

    I counted back from there and it appears that McKinley, Cleveland, Harrison, Arthur, Garfield, and Hayes never in states where slavery was legal during their lifetimes. Grant owned slaves. Johnson could have. Lincoln could have until he was 7. Buchanan, Pierce, and Fillmore were also from states that outlawed slavery. It is really only the first 12, plus Lincoln, Johnson and Grant.

  3. Mary Says:

    Isn’t history interesting? Too bad so many sleep through its lessons.

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