Orthodox Oxymoron

I just saw a new oxymoron: a Facebook group called “Orthodox Christians for Obama”. This might as well be a group called “Orthodox Christians for Abortion”. Or if put in the perspective of Obama’s economic policy, it could be called “Orthodox Christians for Theft”.

I could write for hours on this one, but nobody would read it anyway. However, I will happily refer readers to Anthony Esolen’s piece “Rooted in the Christian Tradition” on the Touchstone’s blog Mere Comments. Note that the quotation marks are a part of the title, because Dr Esolen destroys the idea that Obama’s views have any consonance with Christianity.

Platitudes that mimic the language of Jesus about caring for the poor and downtrodden do not make policies that are compatible with the Gospel.

Is John McCain perfect? No. Has his own life been any more a Christ-like example? No. Does he support and promise to promote policies that reflect biblical values? Not entirely, but far, far more so than Obama. McCain supports embyronic stem cell research. Obama supports leaving aborted babies born alive to die alone in closets.

Is this support by some Orthodox folks entirely surprising? No. After all, Black Bart, the Partriarch of Constantinople made the liberal pro-abortion former US Senator Paul Sarbanes an archon of the church.

Lord have mercy.


4 Responses to “Orthodox Oxymoron”

  1. The young fogey Says:

    I know better than to be surprised: I imagine most ethnic Orthodox (unlike self-consciously Republican converts carrying over the politics of the Protestant right), like most ethnic RCs (Joe Biden’s people), vote like many Jews. Default Democrat because they think that party helped out their poor immigrant ancestors and some vague notion that socialism agrees with the social-justice teaching of the faith. They don’t care about abortion, having moved to at least passively agreeing with mainstream society on it.

  2. sol Says:

    Looking at the list, it appears that most converts, or if they have enthic Orthodox roots, they are young enough to know better.

  3. sol Says:

    I agree with you generally, Glen. However, I don’t think the Religious Right is driven by dispensationalism, as many of the key players have moved into more of a post-millennial dominionism heavily influenced by muted forms of Christian Reconstructionism. Admittedly, the aspect of dispensationalism that is taking the longest to excise is the pro-Israel aspect.

    I’d never heard of Bill Salus.

    I think the Russia-is-a-tool-of-Satan thing is a hangover from the Cold War. The Gog and Magog interpreters really needed the Soviet Union to make their prophecies come true. Good grief, Russia can hardly invade Georgia. I don’t think it is going to be much of a threat in the Middle East.

    As for your general assessment that the Republican Party presents the less of two evils and is not entirely in line with an Orthodox worldview, I would have to agree.

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