Attacked and Trampled in the Name of Love

Don’t mess with Proposition 8 protesters in California. They support free speech as long as it is theirs.

Watch this brief clip to the end, as the news broadcast shows a replay of what happened when an little old lady showed up with a cross. See what happens to the Cross.

One Response to “Attacked and Trampled in the Name of Love”

  1. Garrett Says:

    This is exactly what the opposition said would not happen. Their intolerance to what the majority has voted on is shockingly predictable. It saddens me to see and hear people toss about the word right as a commonplace word. Marriage isn’t a right that should be legislated or something that people are handed because four judges overturn the will of the people. Unfortunately marriage needs to be legislated because of the activist judges. I want to keep my right to free speech, religion, and not have them stripped by sore loser mob. The majority has spoken. Respect the democratic process!!!

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