Promoting More Violence for Opposing Gay Marriage

Following up on my posting of the YouTube video of the violent protests against Proposition 8 in California, the rhetoric is getting even hotter.

It is interesting that just stating opposition to the views of the Gay Agenda is intolerant fundamentalism. Yet the aggressiveness of the response to this mis-named “fundamentalism” make Fred Phelps look almost gay-friendly in comparison. Even he and his ilk, for all their reprehensible behaviour, never suggest acts of murder and violence as the appropriate expression of their views.

I was reading the comments on the “Joe. My. God.” blog referred to in the WorldNetDaily article linked above. There is a post related to the same video I posted and the woman who was assaulted by the protesters. She’s pressing charges against those who attacked her. Some of the comments on JMG:

Can taking something from someone be considered “assault?” Seems like you would have to be beaten or touched in some manner for that to be assault. Too bad they didn’t kick her ass.

The bitch is lucky that she didn’t get nailed to it.

The old bitch got what she deserved…and now she’s back for more. If she wants to be nailed to her cross someone should oblige her. [Ellipsis in the original]

Thankfully she is 69 years old. She’s literally knocking at the doors of hell. [Apparently, protesting against gay marriage will cause you to lose your salvation.]

Good for her. She was assaulted.

I think a fitting punishment would be crucifixtion.

There were also comments to a blog piece about Matt Barber, quoted in the WorldNetDaily article. Unfortunately they were all so profane that they couldn’t be quoted here.

Yep, they want tolerance – and they’ll kill to get it.

4 Responses to “Promoting More Violence for Opposing Gay Marriage”

  1. Joe.My.God. Says:

    I note that you fail to mention the approximately 50,000 acts of violence committed against LGBT people by Christians EVERY YEAR.

    According to the just-released report from the FBI (use your Google Machine), there were 1265 violent hate crimes committed against LGBT people in 2007, including murder, assault, and beatings. Keep in mind that these are only the reported cases AND only the cases that qualified as hate crimes according to local hate crimes statues, which exist in less than half of the Unites States.

    The Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project estimates that the actual number of violent hate crimes committed may be as much as 50 times higher. Almost universally, the perpetrators cite their religious instruction that homosexuality is “against God” or “against the Bible” as the reason for their attack. We’re still standing by for the first major evangelical leader to publicly denounce these attacks and call for their end. (Personally, I’m not holding my breath.) Please consider that most gay people know first hand a victim of Christian violence. I know several.

    What happened in Palm Springs was WRONG and I will never defend anything other than non-violent peaceful protest. But stomping a styrofoam cross is NOTHING compared to gruesome and daily murderous rage of Christians.

    It is almost LAUGHABLE for you to take offense at anonymous blog comments when you people LITERALLY have the BLOOD OF GAY PEOPLE ON YOUR HANDS. I await your blog post decrying what your people are doing in the name of your god.

  2. sol Says:


    Your estimations are ludicrous and not based in any sort of reality. There is not reason to think that only 1 in 50 hate crimes is reported.

    I have looked through the FBI data and noticed that every state except Hawaii has contributed data. I would hardly think that Hawaii is a bastion of LGBT discrimination.

    You have offered no substantiation for the idea that perpetrators cite their religious instruction. I think you will continue to stand by waiting for evangelical leaders to denounce the attacks, because they have no association with them. Anyone perpetrating attack based on religious instruction got is from a fringe group, clearly even more fringe than Fred Phelps, and that is very very fringe.

    I don’t know of any Christians with murderous rage. I don’t know of anyone doing any violence to any gay person in the name of God. So, likewise you will have to wait quite awhile for my post.

  3. Joe.My.God. Says:

    I don’t what internet you are using, but my date is accurate and easily verified.

    -39 states do not have a hate crimes statute that covers gender-identity or gender expression, a category that cover a large population of the victims of hate crimes. Google the name Moses Cannon – a transgender 22 year old who was shot to death THIS WEEKEND in Syracuse NY because she was transgender.

    -19 states do not have a hate crimes statute that covers sexual orientation. (And some of those that do (five, I think), do not report their data to the FBI.)

    -There is NO federal hates crimes law protecting sexual orientation.

    Look up the double homicide at the Unitarian Church in Knoxville this summer- committed by a Christian who was angry that the church was gay friendly.

    Google the words “gay bar bombed” for numerous examples of Christian love.

    There are THOUSANDS of examples that can be found online.

    Christians kill gay people EVERY DAY and you are worried about a stryofoam cross?

    How about the fact that ONE/THIRD of all teenagers who commit suicide are GAY? Driven to kill themselves by their gentle loving Christian families and clergy who tell them they are worthless and destined for hell?

    Again: The murderous Christians have the blood of gay people on their hands EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  4. sol Says:

    I read loads of articles about Moses Cannon and couldn’t find a single reference to his attackers being Christian.

    Jim Adkisson, who committed the murders in Knoxville, is an atheist.

    I Googled the words “gay bar bombed” and digging through pages of results didn’t find a single incident referring to Christians. The only incident I could find in the United States was one in Atlanta in 1997 and it did not refer to Christians or Christianity. The most recent one appears to have been in Budapest and involved skinhead fascist Hungarian ultra-nationalist. No mention of Christianity.

    I find it hard to imagine that there are Christians killing gay people everyday where the only two suggestions you make come up with nothing.

    I don’t know whether one-third of teen suicide victims are gay. However, your assumed causation is ridiculously speculative.

    Again: you have failed to actually support your allegations.

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