Giving It All Away

In the course of recent research on my book, I came across political history of which I was entirely unaware. I was looking at information about Cordell Hull, Secretary of State under FDR and known as the Father of the United Nations. I’m sure you’ve heard of the United Nations, that rather useless organisation headquartered on American soil, with 20% of its budget funded by US taxpayers, opposed to most everything the US does or collectively believes. Yeah, that’s the one.

The only relevance of my book to Hull is that one of the characters may have once owned a house later owned by Hull’s father and I was just trying to suss that out. Both of them lived in an area now under Dale Hollow Lake. I get easily sidetracked when I’m doing research.

What I didn’t know was that Hull – in addition to giving away as much US sovereignty as possible – also authored the original Federal Income Tax law of 1913 and the Inheritance Tax law of 1916 when he was a member of the US House of Representatives. He had the audacity to argue that an income tax would restrain Government spending because Congress would realise that it was spending money directly taxed from the American people.

I can’t find what excuse he gave for the inheritance tax. I’m guessing he figured he’d pulled off taxing the living, so why not tax the dead. After all, Democrats vote when they’re dead, so why shouldn’t Republicans pay taxes at the same time?

Yes, that’s right, this man gave away both your country and your money. Cordell Hull influenced Al Gore. He must be Barack Obama’s hero.


4 Responses to “Giving It All Away”

  1. frankbi Says:

    Imposing income tax equals giving away national sovereignity? I see you’re smoking something pretty powerful here…

  2. sol Says:

    I never said that one equalled the other. I only noted that Cordell Hull was responsible initiating both. Perhaps I needed to add emphasis to what I said to make it clear:

    in addition to giving away as much US sovereignty as possible – also authored the original Federal Income Tax law

  3. frankbi Says:

    OK. So how exactly was he ‘giving away sovereignty’ then?

  4. sol Says:

    In every way in the United Nations limits the choices of government of the United States it takes away from its sovereignty. When the US is compelled to not use military force due to compliance with UN resolutions, or it required to seek authorisation in UN resolutions, the sovereignty of the US has been compromised.

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