Family Failure

Gareth Gilmore has turned being scum into a family business. He and his son Liam Gilmore and his brother-in-law Craig Marsden decided to rob a post office in Somerset. They travelled down from Manchester to Taunton and stole £2,200.

They could have had £58,000 except that stupidity also appears to be a family trait. They insisted that postmaster open the safe. They didn’t believe him when it told them it was a fridge. There wasn’t any money inside. It was, after all, a fridge.

It was easy for the cops to spot Liam Gilmore. He was running through people’s gardens. The older men parked their stolen car outside the house where they were hiding.

The 2½ years at taxpayer expense each of them will serve (out of their five-year sentences) is part of the cost of doing business, but perhaps when they get out they ought to find jobs a little more suited to their limited abilities.


2 Responses to “Family Failure”

  1. nic acton Says:

    i unfortunately know Craig Marsden & Gareth Gilmore ( gareth robbed my house when i still lived @ home with my mum and sister he climbed through the kitchen window frightening my mum to death she then spent 18 months sleeping on the sofa with a knife under her pillow scared to death) they are scum they always have been 5 years isnt enough !!

  2. liam gilmore Says:

    this is a load of bullshit about the fridge lol n the only reason we didnt get the 58.000 coz the safe had a time lock on it! cant belive this is on google lmfao!! & love jade mccallum forever!!

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