The End of Privacy

Once again, just when you think the British Government could not get more intrusive, they prove you wrong.

I have often discussed the ever-increasing Big Brother approach of the Labour Government as each new plan is revealed. Now we learn that any bottom-rung local bureaucrat will be able to access every piece of information on any individual held by any Government or local department, agency, or council.

When you consider that this will include all medical records, every email and phone call made, and all of the biometric data to be stored for the mandatory ID cards, think about local council workers making £12,000 a year. Certainly most of them are completely honest (even if honesty is not a particular plentiful commodity in this country), but think of the profit that can be made from identity fraud. We are assured by the Ministry of Justice that anyone misusing the data could get a prison sentence of up to two years. Two years = one year with good behaviour. Prisons bursting at the seams mean very few people can be sent away for first, second or third offenses. Seems like a pretty light risk for very big gain.

Or to put it more bluntly, it is handing over the data to people who will do terribly things with it. Then after the bureaucrats are done, the criminals will get it.

4 Responses to “The End of Privacy”

  1. fiddleferme Says:

    And noone seems concerned. Isn’t that just the scariest thing of all?

    We do nothing while the plans and laws are made in camera.

    Have a look at this url.


  2. Steynian 314 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] PARLIA-MENTAL? The end of privacy in Britain? Worst-ever threat to UK privacy: write your MP now! …. […]

  3. Steynian 314 Says:

    […] PARLIA-MENTAL? The end of privacy in Britain? Worst-ever threat to UK privacy: write your MP now! …. […]

  4. Privacy is Now a Thing of the Past « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] includes all medical records, being available to any bureaucrat at any level. Even I called that the end of privacy. That was in January and it was only the beginning of the […]

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