One Right Move

In some ways I’m happy that Obama is president. Being a grumpy old man, yet a Republican, it has been difficult to complain about American politics while being loyal to the president and the party. Now that the Democrats control both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, it will be much easier.

Before I launch into what will no doubt be at least four years of moaning, I will give credit where credit is due. One of policies of the Bush administration with which I disagreed was the detention of enemy combatants and various others at Guantanamo Bay, using it as a loophole to avoid the usual Constitutional constraints. In one of his first acts, President Obama ordered the closure of Gitmo within a year.

I’m not denying that this will not be an easy thing to do while maintaining the security of the US and avoiding the disclosure of classified information. However, these things must be resolved within the law, something that was wearing thin in the ongoing situation since the overthrow of the Taliban and the installation of the current Christian-hating regime in Afghanistan.

So in this one small way, I think BHO has moved in the right direction. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

2 Responses to “One Right Move”

  1. The young fogey Says:

    Just curious: so are you a dual citizen now or only a US one/Republican?

    Like Ron Paul I’m a Republican on paper (I did it to vote for him in the primary) and really belong to the Libertarian Party but voted for neither last time.

  2. sol Says:

    I’m just a US citizen with indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

    I’ve always been a Republican. My dad ran for Congress as a Republican when I was 12 in the same district (by number, though not entirely by boundaries) that Ron Paul represents today.

    I’ve never been a third party person, though I understand and appreciate the motives of those who are.

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