Cease Praying in Somerset

Caroline Petrie is a community nurse who offered to pray for patient during a home visit.

The patient said she wasn’t offended, but she reported the “incident” to the nurse that changed the dressing on her leg the next day because she thought someone else might be offended if Mrs Petrie offered to pray for them. I suppose if someone is laid up with a bad leg, they have time to ponder the potential for political correctness in everyone else.

As a result, Mrs Petrie has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of an investigation. No doubt it will take a terrbily long time to determine if she offered to pray for the patient (which she acknowledges) or if the patient was offended (though she claims she wasn’t). I suppose they will want to find out if Mrs Petrie has actually offered to pray for anyone else. This would not be germaine to the actual incident for which she was suspended, but bureaucrats aren’t best known for due process.

What I’m not clear on is whether North Somerset Primary Care Trust has an actual official policy against prayer or whether it is rather a general policy against Christians.

Given the Third World quality health care in this country that can’t afford to pay for treatment that is standard in the rest of the civilised world, you would think they could use any available help, even in the form of divine intervention.

2 Responses to “Cease Praying in Somerset”

  1. Diane McAdie Says:

    To read this article; and realise how much the UK has declined in the 30 years that I have been in Australia. I am shocked and disgusted that it has got as far as this.
    What is the matter with these people? The Queen as the defender of the Faith? What Faith; that this sort of thing is allowed. If taking Prayer out of schools were not bad enough, or realising this is how children were taught values, now showing a kind heart and giving of one’s self is going to be an offence.
    An old lady may not want prayer but the Country certainly needs it. God Bless the UK; because the devil is certainly having a free run.

  2. Don’t Say Anything « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] Say Anything February 6, 2009 — sol Caroline Petrie has gotten her job back – for now. Given the overwhelming support she received in the press […]

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