I am an American lawyer ex-pat in the UK for the last ten years and soon returning to the US.

6 Responses to “Who?”

  1. you know who too Says:

    well, this did give me a giggle… thanks.

  2. Koroglu Says:

    sorry, you lost me there..
    what armenian genocide ???

  3. sol Says:

    You lost me. What does this page say about the Armenian Genocide?

    But as you seem to be unfamiliar with it, here are a few resources:





  4. Black Coffee & Bourbon Says:

    I like your Georgian Flag over there. Someone actually asked what Armenian Genocide? People who do not study history are doomed to repeat it…

  5. sol Says:

    Thanks BC&B. I enjoyed visiting your site. It inspired me to add a McCain/Palin banner to my right column.

  6. TerryB Says:

    We seem to be related. Alexander Officer is an indirect ancestor, and I only recently came across the story of the 5th Tennessee Cavalry (US) raiding his home on March 12, 1864. They were searching for Champ Ferguson, who though wounded, was able to get away from his farm and off to Kentucky. They found bloody clothes and bandages at his place, and didn’t believe his wife when she said he was in Kentucky, because the blood was too fresh. So they took out their frustrations on the Officers and the Texas Rangers staying at the Officer home.

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