Honest Hate

At least he’s honest. Anjem Choudary has been telling Muslims they shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas. “How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring? The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam.”

He sees that all this bunkum about worshipping the same God is as offensive to Islam as it is to Christianity. Either Jesus is the Son of God, the incarnation of Allah, or He is not. To say that the Babe in the manger is the Most Holy One is direct contradiction to the very essence of Islam.

So I don’t see why it is such big news that he is saying this. He’s just being a good Muslim.

Why didn’t it make bigger news when Choudary, who is the chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, praised the Mumbai attacks? Nobody seemed to notice when he called for the assassination of the Pope.  It is almost forgotten that he organised the demonstrations over the Muhammad cartoons, which included incitement to murder.

And why it is only mentioned in passing that his family is not supported by his legal work and he apparently isn’t well paid as Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shari’ah.  Perhaps he doesn’t have time for that with all of his preaching since he has to fill in for his mentor Omar Bakri Mohammed, who has been exiled from the UK. I’m just guessing that’s why they receive  £25,000 a year in state benefits.

It’s like, sure he is bigging up the deaths of 163 people in the name of Islam, but now he hates Christmas, too? Good grief. Why not actually expose that we are supporting the work of a domestic terrorist who doesn’t just hate Christmas. He hates us.

Why I Pay Taxes

When I was in law school I became friends with a family that had 9 nine kids when I met them and stopped at 12. Until about the time the last two came along, the father was making in the low $20’s a year. They didn’t pay rent on their very old house, but then they did have to open it from 7:00 until midnight every Friday and Saturday and their living room had a stage and it was filled with little tables. It was the local Christian coffeehouse. Otherwise they lived on the father’s salary, because the mother homeschooled. They lived happy and healthy lives. They had plenty to eat, and usually plenty to share, as I often ate in their home. And they never took a single handout from the Government. They were certainly eligible. They’ve just never had a sense of entitlement.

That is who I thought of when I read the article in today’s Daily Mail about a couple with ten kids. The difference is that neither parent works. The mother never has and the father hasn’t for 15 years. They also live rent free in a semi-detached knocked into one fully detached, but not at the expense of strangers tromping through their downstairs every weekend. They also get £32,656 ($58,780) a year in taxpayer money to fund their lifestyle.

Harry Crompton can’t work because he’s got irritable bowel syndrome. Bloody hell. I have IBS and I’m making a lot less and I have to leave the house every morning. Of course his IBS might get better if the £250 a week they spend on food didn’t include so many crisps and bottles of fizzy drinks.

You’d think Tracey Crompton would be satisfied. But out of one side of her mouth she says, ‘We don’t have money worries. We don’t go without things and I think that’s because we are self-sufficient.” Self-sufficient? Self-bloody-sufficient? How do you leech more than my salary every year and have the audacity to call yourself “self-sufficient”?

Then there’s the other side of her mouth. ‘I’m not satisfied with the benefits we get  –  I want more.” While people with real jobs and real mortgages are feeling the pinch, she wants to suck more out of the system. She is happy to take more of their money and is actually glad the economy is in such turmoil. The prices of luxury goods are coming down to meet the ability of consumers to afford them. That means she can get an even bigger TV on which to watch Jeremy Kyle.

Polygamy Legalised

Polygamy has been legalised in the UK.

While there has been no formal legislation and bigamy is a crime, Government ministers have decided that husbands of multiple wives can now claim extra welfare benefits. They have to have married the extra wives in a country that allows polygamy. In effect, sharia trumps Parliament.

In addition to extra income support, husbands with multiple wives can also get additional housing benefit, as well as council tax benefit. The is despite the 1988 Immigration Act, which a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions acknowledged to the Sunday Telegraph, “generally prevents a man from bringing a second or subsequent wife with him to this country if another woman is already living as his wife in the UK”. But as the newpaper also discovered:

“Entry clearance may not be withheld from a second wife where the husband has divorced his previous wife and the divorce is thought to be one of convenience,” an immigration rulebook advises. “This is so, even if the husband is still living with the previous wife and to issue the entry clearance would lead to the formation of a polygamous household.”

In other words, sham marriages aren’t okay, but sham divorces are. The divorced couple can continue to live together and continue to claim benefits as if they were married, while one of them is married to someone else, who is also living with them.

The Government is clearly willing to do what it has to do to appease Muslims, even if it means breaking the law.

Paid to Misbehave

Figures released from the Department for Work and Pensions have revealed more of the nature of the Welfare State. As reported in The Times:

120,000 adults aged 18 to 34 have been on incapacity benefit or severe disablement allowance for five years or more.

A further 130,000 have been on the benefit for at least two years.

An analysis of the figures for May 2007 shows that more than a third of the 289,150 adults aged 25 to 34 have been on benefits for more than five years . . .

A spokesman for the DWP said that 300,000 of the 504,000 young people claiming sickness benefit last May had mental and behavioural disorders.

Yes, they are claiming sickness benefit because they can’t behave. With the sort of young people that are leaving schools now, we can only expect these numbers to increase. Kids will have even less motivation to buckle down and do their work – they can be as disruptive as they want to be – even get thrown out when school governors can resist the pressure of the Government to keep them in the classroom – and they will still get an income from the State.