Hollywood Democrats Who Want Republicans to Leave America

Democrats are very tolerant. Of other Democrats of course. Take that great political philosopher Cher, for example. At the recent Slumdog Millionaire/The Wrestler awards party in Los Angeles, she told the press, “The Republicans nearly killed me. My spirit is renewed, this is such a great time to be an American.”

And apparently the penalty for the attempted murder (or near negligent manslaughter) of Cher by the collective Republican population is exile. “Republicans: why would you want to be one, especially if you’re a minority. I wish they would go somewhere else.”

That’s right, you shouldn’t want to be a minority. And minorities should just go somewhere else. Wow, think of what would have hit the fan if a Republican had said that.

After the previous elections, the Hollywood Democrats threatened to move somewhere else, because it was better to live outside of America than to live under a Republican president.  Now that they have the presidency, they want anyone who disagrees with them to move away. They can’t stand to be in the same country with anyone who is not like them.

Doesn’t sound very tolerant, does it?

The Enemy of My Enemy

I don’t often write about celebrities (I think I’ve said that every time I’ve written about a celebrity), but sometimes you just have to take notice of something good in the news. Okay, it’s not exactly news, but its the first I’ve heard of it, so it was news to me. Maybe it will be news to you.

Eva Longoria has been named to PETA “Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2008” list. This is apparently for comments she made back in 2006 on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “I can skin a deer and a pig and a snake – and rabbits.” She was referring to childhood hunting trips with her dad. Way to go, Eva!

Anyone on the PETA naughty list, is automatically on my nice list. And if you are on their list, they don’t just complain about what you wear. They are just plain nasty. About Eva, they said, “In her trashy furs, she looks like the street walker of Wisteria Lane.” This is admittedly nicer than they were about Aretha Franklin, “Aretha, when you waddled into the Grammys in yet another vulgar fur, you looked as if you were going to perform ‘I Am the Walrus’ by The Beatles.”

I mean, that would be like saying that PETA has to use air-headed models to get naked for their cause, because otherwise no one would pay attention to a bunch of bleating socialists in comfortable shoes.