Fostering: Christians Need Not Apply

Some of you may remember the story of Pauline and Vincent Matherick, the Somerset couple who had fostered 28 children and were being pushed into promoting homosexuality. The foster son they had at the time was removed from them when they refused. After a national uproar, they were able to come to an agreement with Somerset County Council officials and were able to register again as foster carers.

It’s not like Somerset doesn’t need foster parents. As reported in the Daily Mail, the Council’s website says “that foster parents can be gay, disabled, on benefits, have a criminal record, be of any age, religion and gender, and be married or single”. This is true. I checked the website for myself. They keep the criminal record bit in the FAQs.

The thing they don’t need is people who ever spank their children for any reason. David and Heather Bowen don’t fit many of Somerset’s usual criteria. They are married, heterosexual, physically fit, and make their own living. He’s a chartered surveyor who volunteers as a school governor. She’s a special needs adviser. But, oops, they’re Christians. Go to church every Sunday and all that. Both involved in the children’s ministry. They admit that their beliefs mean that they occasionally spank their daughter as a last resort.

They never suggested they would spank children who belong to the State. They wouldn’t take the idea of being a foster parents that literally. But never mind. Clearly they are not the sort of people who support the ethos of the Somerset County Council and failed liberal parenting ideas rooted in an atheistic anthropology.

It would seem that Somerset doesn’t have enough listless hoodlums and slappers roaming its streets and schools. Given that they subscribe to a philosophy of mollycoddling children, that’s what they must be wanting. Of course this only results in more children that must be taken in by the State to prevent them from serious harm, and a need for more foster parents. Sounds like a downward spiral that, despite how bad things already are, is only just getting started.

Meeting Targets

When it comes passing on things from the MSM, I put the Daily Mail, despite its more conservative political bent, near the bottom of credibility. However, as the following story is based on a phone interview and will be followed up with a full report on Tonight with Trevor McDonald it is credible enough for me.

I have written in the past about the Government’s policy of stealing babies. One Northumberland woman was told that she would be allowed ten minutes with her baby after birth before it would be taken away and put in foster care. She first fled to Birmingham, since foster care is handled by local authorities. However, the bureaucratic red tape meant that there was no way she could be sure that she and her baby would be safe.

As a result she has had to flee to Europe, hiding from the agents of her own government.  She is not a criminal. She just wants to keep her baby.

Fran Lyon’s case is by no means unique.  The Independent on Sunday highlighted the case of Pauline Goodwin. Goodwin’s case was not even unique on her street. “There were three other mothers in the square where I lived who all had their children taken away within a matter of months,” she says. “We happened to live by some malicious people, who thought it was fun to ring the social services and see the reaction. It should never have been allowed to happen.”

“Pauline is the tip of the iceberg,” says Birmingham Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming. “Statistics suggest there are about 1,000 cases in this country where children have been wrongfully adopted. It’s possibly even more than that. I know of a number of cases where all sorts of intimidation is used to discourage people from fighting back.”

Even the liberal MSM is openly talking about how the central government is increasingly using Stalinist tactics to control the population.  This is clearly filtering down to the local level as social workers seek to meet the targets set for them in meeting adoption quotas.