Christians Charged for Knowing Too Much Islamic History

Here we go again. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were sharing their faith with one of the guests in the hotel they run, the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool. The guest was a Muslim woman. Seems they didn’t agree about Jesus or Muhammad. The guest was offended that they insisted Jesus is the Son of God and not a prophet of Islam.

In the course of the conversation, Ben Vogelenzang said that Muhammad was a warload. I teach about Islam for a living – been doing for six years – and I’d have to say that’s a reasonable observation based on the historical facts. It has nothing to do with whether or not he was a prophet. The story of Islam from the time of the Hijra until at least the conquest of Makkah (Mecca) by Muhammad’s army is one of battles fought and tribal groups subdued and the Arabian peninsula Islamified at the point of the sword. It is a legacy that Muhammad bequeathed to his successors as the spent the next 120 years doing the same thing through Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Clearly the Vogelenzangs’ guest was not well versed in Islamic history. Either that or the word “warlord” was not reverential enough for the false Prophet.

It didn’t help that Sharon Vogelenzang said that traditional Muslims dress for women is a form of bondage. This was just too much for their guest. Neither the guest nor the Merseyside Police think Sharon is entitled to express this opinion. It constitutes either harassment, alarm or distress in the wording of the statute. So does Ben’s enlightening the guest regarding her ignorance of history.

The Vogelenzangs were interrogated twice by police before being charged. They have appeared in court and are now awaiting trial.


To understand just how intolerant British liberalism is, you just need to look to Oxford. The world-famous Oxford Union Debating Society invited two of the most reviled figures in Britain, Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party and David Irving, the revisionist historian made famous by being imprisoned in Austia for denying the accepted details about the Holocaust.

Just inviting them to speak and defend their views raised the ire of the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  Julian Lewis, the Shadow Defence Minister resigning his life membership in the union in protest. These responses were mild compared to what happened on the night.

For inviting the two controversial speakers, the president of the society, Luke Tryl was subjected to chants of “Kill Tryl!” Some protesters attacked attendees with placards as they tried to enter. Others broke into the chamber and one tried to attack a member of the society’s staff. About 30 people sat in the debating hall singing protest songs.

It was 1960s hippies co-opting Islamic radical tactics.  After all, you have to work hard to look worse that Nick Griffin or David Irving, but the Unite Against Fascism group and their hangers on seem to have managed to do so.