BBC Says Huckabee Won By Bribery

I’m watching the BBC News coverage of Super Tuesday. As usual, it is all reported with an air of British superiority – or more exactly that of American inferiority.

Washington correspondent Matt Frei is anchoring the coverage of what he calls “an absurdly byzantine electoral system”.

Occupying a spot on his commentating panel, there is no surprise seeing British-born naturalised American Christopher Hitchens. His view of the Iowa caucues: “It’s not illegal to offer bribes and inducements to elect and that’s what made Mike Huckabee a front-runner.”

Yeah, that’s it. Mike Huckabee threw his millions and millions (that he doesn’t have) into bribes for Iowa GOP caucus voters.

But it’s not just Huckabee that’s the recipient of Hitchen’s ire. He was also happy into inform us that if John McCain gets the nomination, he will campaign for any Democrat.

That’s the sort of unbiased coverage we get here.

Hyperbole on the Stump

John Edwards campaigning in Iowa:

“We have so much good to do because we stand on the shoulders of our parents and grandparents and twenty generations who came before us who made absolutely certain that they gave us a better life.”

Twenty generations? John Edwards knows all of his ancestors back twenty generations? I do quite a bit of genealogy and I can trace back to a handful of ancestors as far as ten generations, and two back eleven which takes me back about 500 years. I know nothing of the character of most of these people beyond my great-great-grandparents. So everyone who came before Edwards and his audience, and by extrapolation all Americans he wants to elect him, going back 1000 years or so made absolutely certain they gave the present generation a better life?

I think he should stick with parents and grandparents, which while not universally true as there are certainly a number of these who have been scoundrels, at least makes a bit more sense.

Watching Iowa Everywhere

In the run up to, or even on the night off, a British general election, the American press couldn’t care less. I am watching BBC News 24 and the Iowa Caucuses have taken the first 10 minutes of a 30-minute programme. Even in the days leading up to tonight, it has been a major news story.  The level of coverage on Sky News has been similar.

With these two we also get the CBS Evening News and ABC’s World News Tonight. I have seen Iowa from every angle. Because the Republican procedure is a bit different from Democrats, it is a matter of minutes before the GOP results should be known.

It seems so strange that everyone in the world is putting so much stock in what a few hardy Midwesterners do on a cold, snow blanketed night. Though it seems like it shouldn’t make that much difference, I’m still hoping Huckabee shows well. Other the other hand, I’m of two minds about Hillary. I hate to see her win anything, but I like the idea of a Democratic nominee with such a high negative ratings.

So we await the results.