The eye of Hurricane Ike is not longer headed for my home town. It has taken an unexpected turn over the last day and now looks to go ashore about 120 miles up the coast.

Hurricane force winds extend 120 miles from the center, so it is still going to be rather breezy. Flood water from the storm surge shouldn’t reach my parents’ house, but the wind could still do some damage to the woodwork, the roof, the trees, and the fence.  By mid-day Saturday it will have passed over and moved away.

The Older Unnamed Child is all excited about the hurricane in Texas. He was upset that I wouldn’t promise to wake him up throughout the night when a new map is issued about the National Hurricane Center. I promised to record the CBS Evening News, so he can see any report on it.

Free Day

I got to school this morning to discover that the power in the town was out with no expectation that it would return for several hours. Fortunately, we are not expected to teach in darkness. We had to stay long enough for the kids to get back on the buses and disperse into the countryside.

Today it is about 8°C (46F) with intermittent rain. The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 5°C with snow. Hopefully it will be enough snow to merit another free day. There are suggestions of 4 inches in low lying areas and 8 inches on higher ground. However, it is possible that the snow will be delayed until after everyone commutes into school before it dumps down, making it difficult to get home. So I’m hoping for early snow or no snow at all.