St Clement of Rome

Today is the feast of St Clement of Rome. Here are some of his words of advice to us:

How blessed and marvelous are the gifts of God, dear friends! Life in immortality, splendour in righteuosness, truth with boldness, faith with confidence, self-control with holiness! And all these things fall with our comprehension. What, then, are the things being prepared for those who patiently wait for Him? The Creator and Father of the ages, the all-holy One Himself, knows their number and their beauty. Let us therefore make every effort to be found in the number of those who patiently wait for Him, so we may share His promised gifts.  (I Clement 35:1-4 [Lightfoot translation])

I’m Back

Well, I suppose it’s time to get this party started. After a brief hiatus and a change of identity, I’m back. More anonymous than before, I’ve hated to leave behind some of the things from the old blog.

The topics will be much the same – Anglo-American political and social interests, reflections on personal events, and some spiritual and theological reflections from an Eastern Orthodox perspective.

The new moniker comes from the middle names of two great-grandfathers (or the first names of a great-great-great-grandfather and a great-great-grandfather), and something my parents said they considered naming me.

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